moderna Laminate Flooring - Inspiration Plus

Comfortably foot warm • Noise Reduction • Anti-static

moderna inspiration plus combines high quality materials, the patented Uniclic jointing system and the innovative Elano surface along with a variety of decors to allow you to add character and style to your home.

The attractive selection of decors provides you with a variety of wonderful colours with which to create your very own personal interior design.

With moderna® inspiration plus; thanks to its innovative Elano surface you can enjoy a floor that offers comfortable foot warmth and cushioning as well as an anti-static surface.
Through these qualities, moderna® inspiration plus effortlessly compliments the style and feel of any home.

With moderna® inspiration plus; enjoy all of the advantages of the inspiration programme but also benefit from having a floor that is around 50% quieter than normal laminate flooring, thanks to inspiration plus being equipped with integrated sound insulation.


Thickness 9mm (7mm HDF + 2mm LDF Sound Insulation)
Dimensions 1287 x 190 mm
Content of package 7 pieces (1.712 sq/mt)
Fields of application All dry living areas and commercial areas with moderate use
Warranty Surface guarantee to resist wear and tear for 10 years in domestic areas.
Surface guarantee to resist wear and tear for 3 years in commercial areas.

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